Are You Watching the 2014 Spelling Bee?

If you are not watching the 2014 Spelling Bee competition, I recommend you do (see it on ESPN).

It’s great fun seeing these young kids do an amazing job with mind-boggling words.

There are several Indian kids vying for the top honors in the 2014 Spelling Bee championships going on in Washington DC.

The semi-finals is currently underway.

Houston girl Shobha Dasari just got knocked out of the competition.

Shobha stumbled on the word Helophyte.

We should have the list of finalists soon.


2014 Spelling Bee Indian-American Finalists

Folks, six of the 12 finalists for the 2014 Spelling Bee championship are Indian-Americans.

* Sriram Hathwar of Corning, NY
* Neha Konakalla of Cupertino, CA
* Gokul Venkatachalam of St.Louis, MO
* Tejas Muthusamy of Glen Allen, VA
* Ashwin Veeramani of Ohio
* Ansun Sujoe of Texas

This means 50% of the finalists are of Indian origin.

Not a surprise since Indian-Americans have been sweeping the Spelling Bee in recent years.

But Indian kids did better last year since eight of the 11 finalists in 2013 were desis.

The finals will start at 8PM (ET) tonight. You can see it on ESPN channel.

It’ll be a huge surprise if an Indian kid fails to win the Spelling Bee trophy this time too.

Indian-American Spelling Champs

Indian-Americans have been basically competing against each other in recent years.

Here’s a list of Indian-American Spelling Bee champs since 2000:

2014 – (We’ll know Tonight)
2013 – Arvind Mahankali
2012 – Snigdha Nandipati
2011 – Sukanya Roy
2010 – Anamika Veeramani
2009 – Kavya Shivashankar
2008 – Sameer Mishra
2005 – Anurag Kashyap
2003 – Sai R.Gunturi
2002 – Pratyush Buddiga
2000 – George Abraham Thampy

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One Response to "Are You Watching the 2014 Spelling Bee?"

  1. ravinternet   May 29, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Sriram seems to be the prohibitive favorite. He got 70/72. Neha got 67. Not sure what Vanya got. Responds:

    I too think Sriram is the hot favorite.

    But Tejas or Ashwin (brother of 2010 winner Anamika) could turn out to be dark horses!

    We’ll know by 10PM tonight.

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