Siri is Racist, Hates Indians

Siri Can't Understand Hindi
There are more people in the world speaking Hindi than Italian, Korean or Japanese.

Of the one billion plus people in Mera Bharat Mahaan, I’d say at least a third speak speak Hindi.

Despite the recent Dum Biryani invasion, the majority of Indians in the U.S. too are from the Hindi belt.

Siri – Racist

Folks, 400 million Hindi speakers is not a small number.

Plus, India is a huge, untapped growth opportunity for Apple.

Yet Apple includes no support for Hindi in its Siri personal voice assistant.

To rub salt in our desi wounds, Apple now plans to add Siri support to Norwegian, Turkish, Danish, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Thai and Russian.

Norwegian gets Siri support? But not Hindi or Tamil or Telugu or Bengali.

How many people speak Norwegian? At best, 5 million. Forget Hindi, more people speak Konkani (7.4 million) than Norwegian.

I’d say the folks at Apple are a bunch of Racist swines!

Apple deserves its minuscule market-share in India! πŸ™

Now don’t tell me Apple is going by market opportunity in adding support for Siri. I doubt many Koreans are rushing out to buy iPhones when Samsung and LG have a strong smartphone line.

Siri currently understands and speaks nine languages:

U.S. (English, Spanish)
UK (English)
Australia (English)
France (French)
Germany (German)
Japan (Japanese)
Canada (Canadian French, English)
China (Mandarin)
Hong Kong (Cantonese)
Italy (Italian)
Korea (Korean)
Mexico (Spanish)
Spain (Spanish)
Switzerland (French, German, Italian)
Taiwan (Mandarin)

11 Responses to "Siri is Racist, Hates Indians"

  1. shadowfax_arbit   June 25, 2014 at 3:08 am

    No wonder Apple is going down while Android is picking up! Responds:

    Apple is going down only in India.

    Elsewhere, its fortunes are soaring.

    With nearly $160 billion in the bank, Apple has more money than several countries.

  2. msveda   July 5, 2014 at 4:35 am

    Thank god, Siri didn’t Support Hindi, Telugu or Tamil and Malayalam.

    They are Languages of Slaves and Cowards. Responds:

    India needs a good, solid war preferably against Pakistan or China to make men out of its children.

    We must never underestimate the virtues of a good, hard fought war!

    • msveda   July 5, 2014 at 11:37 am

      India cannot even make Sri Lanka to submit. Useles India don’t have any balls to face Truth. They are fit to live only as Slaves, Brokers, Cowards.

      Even Naxalities have thousand times more Courage and Bravery than Indian Army Personnel. Sadly, in India, the most Courageous, Talented and Honest People are relegated to bottom.

      India is Slave and Prostitute Nation for English Speaking Countries. Responds:

      I recommend you read Weapons of the Weak by James C.Scott!

      Seriously, a fine sociological study!

      • Aswin_Kini   July 7, 2014 at 5:57 am

        MSVEDA said: “India cannot even make Sri Lanka to submit. Useles India don’t have any balls to face Truth. They are fit to live only as Slaves, Brokers, Cowards.

        Even Naxalities have thousand times more Courage and Bravery than Indian Army Personnel. Sadly, in India, the most Courageous, Talented and Honest People are relegated to bottom …..”

        Oh really, how many wars have you fought my dear friend??

        And yet you call the Indian Army cowards… They face a thousand battles a day my dear friend and they do not keep blabbering or whining about it.

        Just because our politicians are idiots doesn’t make our army cojone-less. We have the bravest warriors in the world and that is why despite idiots like Sonia Gandhi, MMS, ruling us, we have managed to fend off serious threats.

        Maybe somebody failed to tell you that even a BAZOOKA is useless if the owner does not know how to use it. Similarly, our Indian army is subjected to ridicule by people like you because of our political idiots. Responds:

        When MS Veda mentions Sri Lanka, I wonder if he’s talking of the IPKF misadventure in the 1980s during Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as Prime Minister.

        IPKF faced several hurdles – First, they were fighting a guerrilla force (LTTE), which is difficult for any Army to handle (look at U.S. retreat in Vietnam). Second, LTTE still enjoyed considerable support among Tamils (including a lot of goodwill in Tamil Nadu), which again tied Indian Army’s hands in the kind of force they could bring to bear on LTTE. Third, Rajiv Gandhi was still a very raw and naive leader and no match for the wiles of either Prabhakaran or the Sri Lankan politicians.

        • msveda   July 7, 2014 at 1:32 pm

          To both aswini and SI, why India can’t simply Invade Sri Lanka and bring under its Control. Does Cholas haven’t invaded and brought Sri Lanka under their Control? Look what powerful nations are doing over the years to smaller nations. You only have been telling Strong Rule Weak. Then why you don’t invade Sri Lanka, finish off Sinhalese, and keep mouth of Dravidian Parties shut. Answer lies in Indecision of Indian Army Leadership.

          Aswini, I am speaking about mentality of Indian Public and Indian Army Leadership.

          While Pakistan has been assaulting India with terrorist Attacks, why you can’t simply fight a war against them and finish them forever. Primary reason is Mumbai and Delhi, which is necessary for Riches of India to make Money..

          Aswini, your great Indian Army has committed unbelievable atrocities against Poor Villagers in Naxal affected districts. Why your great Army cannot do this to Porkistan?

          You are fit only to oppress Poor, helpless People inside India. Show your bloody oppressive and hatred attitude to Porkistan Army and Sinhalese Sinners.. Show Ur balls man.


          India could easily crush Sri Lanka (now that LTTE issue is no longer in the background), Nepal or Bangladesh.

          But is it worth it?

          A Pakistani or China adventure would be more prolonged, rally Indians to the cause and give our Indian army some badly needed on the ground training. And also give Indian an opportunity to regain lost territory (Pak-Occupied Kashmir & Aksai Chin).

          One good thing with the U.S. Army is that they get frequent real on the ground training in some place or the other – Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Somalia, Vietnam, Korea, Germany, Haiti, Grenada, Libya, Syria etc.

          After the IPKF exercise in the 1980s, Indian Army has seen little live action.

          • msveda   July 7, 2014 at 2:22 pm

            If you keep on saying excuses, never aspire a good thing for India. India is on brink, it should wage a war with Pakistan and Sri Lanka, to boost it’s reputation and feed it’s growing population.

            Also war provides a chance for People to get united and test our Power and Strength.

            It’s never late to do a good thing.


            You write: It’s never late to do a good thing.

            Well, I have not seen anyone write like this about a war!

          • Naveen   July 7, 2014 at 9:32 pm

            War may be a fascinating idea but in reality it is not good for anyone except corporations that deal with weapons.

            Also the suggestion to “finish off” Sinhalese is a highly irresponsible and inflammatory! I wonder if these pro-War people would want to be enlisted and sent to the front!


            As I said the other day, MS Veda does not seem to be legit.

            His inflammatory comments seem carefully plotted to provoke a strong response from SI and/or other users.

            To what nefarious purpose, it’s hard to say.

            It’s highly probable that he’s part of law enforcement (FBI, RAW, ISI or perhaps even a deeply disturbed soul, take your pick).

            Remember the famous New Yorker cartoon:

            On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog


          • Aswin_Kini   July 8, 2014 at 8:38 am

            “Also war provides a chance for People to get united and test our Power and Strength.

            It’s never late to do a good thing.”

            While I partly agree with you on the war thingy, I do not agree with you on waging wars with weak nations such as Sri Lanka. It would have been great in the 1930s when it was a fashion for big and rich nations to colonize other nations and use them to fill their coffers, in 2014, it will only lead to unwanted issues such as China and Pakistan pitching in to help Sri Lanka and turning the war into almost a mini-World War (For those who say that 4 nations do not constitute a world war, I wish to remind them that India and China alone hold 2.5 Billion+ people and form more than 40% of the world population).

            There is no use in waging wars unless 1) We have no other option and 2) When the enemy is threatening to invade our country and we are left with no other hope.

            In the case of Pak, I am afraid we are on the verge of a war unless Nawaz Sheriff and Modi cook up some magic. In the case of Bangladesh, a mere retaliation would be enough. In the case of Sri Lanka, just a threat to attack should be enough considering that their population is so miniscule compared to ours. Also, Sri Lanka cannot afford to pool money into their miltiary force as their economy is weaker than ours.

            As someone said, In a War, there is no WINNER. Let’s not indulge in inflammatory speeches, MSVEDA……. Perhaps you need to understand that if it was that easy to wage wars, America, Russia, and China would have colonized the world by now.

    • boopalanj   July 6, 2014 at 1:54 pm

      Off-topic: Responds:

      The big question is not answered in your link.

      How much money did India pay? πŸ˜‰

      I’d assume each Kerala nurse is worth at least $50,000.

      • boopalanj   July 6, 2014 at 4:04 pm

        When contacted on behalf of SI for a reply, Ministry of Foreign Affairs declined to comment on the number citing security reasons πŸ˜‰

        By the way, there are still more Indians under their custody. Responds:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if some money was skimmed off by intermediaries.

        If Indians are ingenious at anything, it’s corruption.

        If we dig deep, we’ll likely uncover a Nursegate scandal here! πŸ˜‰

        The U.S. too paid warlords in Afghanistan and Iraq. Without money, nothing moves in war-torn nations vis-a-vis hostages/prisoners.

      • Naveen   July 7, 2014 at 9:35 pm

        Wrong! Modi must have threatened them that he will send Rahul baba to Iraq. Responds:

        Sweetie, only money talks!

        Five years from now, watch for a scoop on NDTV over the millions paid to rescue the 46 nurses in Iraq! πŸ˜‰

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