How to Save Hindus from Muslims

Far from his dwelling let him remove urine and excreta.
Source: Manu Dharmaśāstra a.k.a. Manusmṛti (Laws of Manu), Chapter 4, verse 151

Indian history since the 11th century AD is an inglorious account of Muslim invaders repeatedly pillaging the land, butchering the indigenous Hindu men, ravishing their wives and kidnapping their young daughters.

Muhammad of Ghazni, Muhummad Ghori, Timur, Babar, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Nadir Shah, Ahmed Shah Abdali and scores of lesser Muslim invaders whose names are forever lost to historians crushed Hindus into the dust under the iron-plated hooves of their Arabian steeds and the merciless thrusts of their swords.

In the face of aggressive Muslim conquerors, cowardly Hindu men did what they do best – Cravenly surrendered their homes, wealth, pretty wives, prettier mistresses and nubile daughters to the rapacious, groping hands of Muslim conquerors.

Even during the reign of the Great Mughal a.k.a. Jalaluddin Muhammed Akbar, heralded as a benevolent Emperor in Indian history books, scores of Hindu girls were shoved into his vast harem never to be seen again.

Jodha, if she ever existed, was just another Hindu victim of Akbar’s lascivious gluttony. And the fanciful Jodha-Akbar romance must be dismissed as nothing more than a charming fiction concocted by impotent Hindus desperate to conceal their shame.

Notwithstanding their ceaseless bravado, Hindus are by nature pusillanimous underlings whose identifying trait is to turn tail at the first hint of danger, abandoning their homes, wives, daughters and sons to the brutal plunder and violation of invaders.

Every Indian Hindu today should hang his tonsured head in shame that the nation’s most feared gangster is a Dawood Ibrahim and not a Ram Babu. There can be no bigger insult to the manhood of 950 million Hindu ‘men’ of India.

British Gift to Hindus

Thanks to the British Raj, Indian Hindus in recent centuries have been spared the emasculating ordeals of being looted, hacked, maimed and their wives and daughters turned into chattels by another wave of Muslim invaders.

Over the last 250-years, the lot of Hindus improved as the British colonized India and imposed some order on the vast land solely in the interests of their looting.

When the British finally departed from Indian shores, after plundering all that the land had to offer, their twin legacies were Parliamentary Democracy and Anglo-Indians. Parliamentary Democracy safeguarded Hindus from the sharp swords of Muslims; while Anglo-Indians, the spawn of White soldiers’ heaving and thrusting into countless destitute Hindu women in Erode, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru and other far corners of the country, were a bizarre tropical species of Indian-looking, British-acting freaks.

But the 250-year remission Indian Hindus have enjoyed from Muslim barbarity will not last long.

Desperate for the status quo ante of Hindu subjugation, foreign and indigenous Muslims attacks on India have intensified.

Impotent as ever, Hindus bovinely kneel at the feet of their oppressors, part their posterior cheeks and calmly tell their attackers, Bhaiyya Aaram Se Maar Meri Gand.

Hindus – Muslim Vassals Again?

Although it’s not a full-blown, raging Muslim tempest yet, there’s a dank, foul smell of fresh blood in the air.

In modern India, Muslims are not only breeding faster than Hindus but Muslim children are also growing up to be healthier than stunted Hindu children.

In numerous cities, towns and villages of India today, Muslim women drop large litters while Hindus content themselves with small families.

Given the sight of Hindu weaklings and healthier Muslims, we can see the writing on the Indian wall in our mind’s inner eyes.

Wrought by Muslim guns, Muslim RDX bombs and Muslim knives, the Indian wall of the future is painted crimson with a tsunami of Hindu blood.

Should they fail to act now, the outlook for India’s Hindus will be a grim return to the atavistic Muslim depredations of earlier centuries

What Must Hindus Do?

If Indian Hindus are not to suffer the miserable torment of their forebears, they must embrace the best practices of their Muslim foes.

Several academic studies have found Muslim neonatal, infant and child mortality in India to be lower than Hindus.

In the opening lines of a recent academic paper, Michael Geruso (University of Texas, Austin) and Dean Spears (Delhi School of Economics) write:

In India, Muslim children are substantially more likely than Hindu children to survive to their fifth birthday, despite Muslim parents being poorer and less educated on average than Hindu parents.

* Child mortality (death before the age of five years) for Hindu children is 18.6% higher than for Muslims.

* Infant mortality (death before the age of one year) for Hindu infants is 17% higher than for Muslims.

* Neonatal mortality (death before the age of one-month) for Hindu babies is 19% higher than for Muslims.

If child mortality for Muslims is 18.6% lower, that means a lot more Rahims and Rubinas are surviving into adulthood compared to Mahadevs and Mahalakshmis.

So why are Muslim children growing up into strapping young bucks and buxom does while young Hindu boys and girls drop into their graves prematurely?

– Because Muslims are cleaner and more sanitation conscious compared to the cow-piss swilling, caste-ridden Hindus. –

Simply put, a huge number of Hindus delight in the odious practice of open defecation blissfully unmindful of the grave health consequences to themselves and their families. Quaffing cow-piss for millenniums must have turned Hindu brains into mush if they’re ready to ignore harmful effects of open defecation even when toilets are available!

According to the National Health and Family Survey of India (2005), 67% of Hindu households defecate in the open. Now that’s several hundred million Hindus crapping in the open,  resulting in fetid, fecal islands that breed germs day in and day out in the vast countryside and urban hovels.

As anyone of Indian origin knows, open means fields, by the road-side, against any wall, near the train tracks, behind bushes, on the edge of school playgrounds, near the temple and literally any piece of unoccupied land.

Hindus need just enough open space to rest their two legs before they expel the digested remnants of the previous night’s Dum Biryani, Poondu Kuzhambu, Chole Bhatura or Bhel Puri and foul up the land.

Researchers Geruso and Spears found only 42% of poorer Muslim households defecate in the open. Fewer Muslims defecating in the open means fewer Muslims are exposed to fecal germs and thus overall better health for the community.

Unfortunately, there are crappy aspects of Hinduism that encourages open crapping by its adherents.

Vile Hindu scriptures like Manu Dharmasastra exhort Hindus to practice open shitting, far from their homes. A senseless invocation that hundreds of millions of Hindus have taken to heart over millenniums by layering the country yellow and brown.

Blessedly, Mohammed’s Hadith teaching prohibits open shitting, particularly near water sources.

Muadh reported God’s messenger as saying,“Guard against the three things which produce cursing: relieving one self in watering-places, in the middle of the road and in the shade.
– Mishkat-al-Masabih (Muslim sacred text) P.76

Irrespective of their wealth or consumption, researchers have found that Muslims are 15-20 percentage points more likely to use latrines than Hindus.

Studies also show that Hindus do not use toilets even if they’re conveniently available.

With Hindus, the use of toilets is not related to their affordability or availability. Hindus strutting around on motorbikes late in the night will happily expel the wasteful excesses in the open the next morning.

Where toilets exist, mindless Hindus often convert them into storerooms or mini-granaries where wheat, jowar and rice pile up until they’re ready to be turned into Parathas or Biryani for little Munna and baby Munni.

Now you know why Munni badnam hui? 😉 Stuffing your mouth with Parathas from toilet-stored wheat can do strange things to the Hindu body and mind.

As Geruso and Spears write:

In India, Muslims are about 40 percent more likely than Hindus to use pit latrines or toilets, which serve to safely dispose of excreta. More importantly, Muslims are more likely to have Muslim neighbors who follow the same practice. We show that differences in these sanitation behaviors can account for the entire mortality gap between Hindus and Muslims.

So it’s not just individual defecation behavior that makes a difference in reducing neonatal, infant or child mortality among Muslims.

Group behavior in a neighborhood is equally, if not, more important.

Hindu neighborhoods are a lot shittier than Muslim neighborhoods because a lot more Hindus loosen their bowels in the open (unmindful of the trauma-inducing sight of a bare Hindu bottom on sensitive eyes). When a lot of Hindus defecate in the open, there’s a greater chance of stepping into each other’s poo and coming in contact with harmful bacteria and worms, ultimately leading to illness that can be fatal, particular for young children whose immune systems are not strongly developed.

Besides higher infant and child mortality, open defecation also contributes to stunted growth of Hindus in later years. This is less likely with Muslims because of their lower exposure to fecal pathogens.

So if Hindu children want to lead longer and healthier lives, they should abandon Hindu neighborhoods and move into Muslim ghettos however unsightly the carcass of the Holy Cow may be.

If young Ram lives near Mir Jafar, then Ram has a better chance of not only growing up healthy but taller and stronger.

That’s what scholars like Geruso and Spears say:

Hindu households residing in villages that are predominately Muslim (and therefore have, on average, neighbors more likely to use latrines) experience lower infant and child mortality rates than Hindus living amongst other Hindus. P. 5

By the way, the academic studies hold good for both boys and girls.

In modern India, baby Lakshmi runs a higher risk of dying before the age of five compared to baby Mehrunissa.

Indians - Biggest Publc Shitters, 2014

Preventing Hindu Slavery

If India’s majority Hindus do not want to become slaves again, groaning under the heels of Muslims, they must embrace better hygiene and sanitation practices.

Alas, Hindus find it far easier to pontificate about Dvaita, Advaita, Dharma, Adharma and Moksha in the after-life than to embrace positive change and good sanitation in the present life.

The proportion of Hindus in India has fallen from 85% in 1951 to about 78% in 2011. During the same six decades, Muslim population in India has surged from 9% to nearly 15%. It’s no surprise that the Muslim population surge has coincided with the ‘Muslim mortality advantage’ since the 1960s.

In earlier centuries, the Muslim marauders came from outside. The current and coming waves of Muslim attacks on Hindus will be unleashed from both inside and outside India.

If Narendra Modi and his BJP cohorts really are the guardians of Hindutva and Hindu pride, they must do three things:

1. They must make better sanitation among Hindus a top priority through a massive media campaign accompanied by huge investment in improving sanitation. This will reduce Hindu child and infant mortality and prevent their stunted growth in later years. Forcing Hindus to use toilets will make them manly with the strength to tackle any Jihadi.

2. In concrete terms, the BJP government must fund building of thousands of free public toilets in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Varanasi, Ahmedabad and Patna. Failure to use the free public toilets must lead to modest fines. Based on lessons learned in urban India, the BJP must expand the sanitation mission into the rural hinterland where Hindu bottoms continue to explode in the open with relentless ferocity and monotonous regularity every morning.

3. Ban all conversions and stop the flow of overseas funding for Mosques and Madrasas in India. Every day, Muslim boys in Madrasas in Hyderabad, Aligarh, Gulbarga, Ambur and Srinagar are nourished on a diet of vile hatred toward Hindus and endless love for Islam. Saudi money for nurturing Indian Jihadis must stop.

Should Hindu ‘asses‘ fail to stop their open defecating habits and the rising toll on Hindu population and health, it won’t be long before mechanic Murtaza, barber Faroukh and butcher Jabbar come brazenly marching in from the Muslim ghettos to lay their hands on Hindu homes, property and women.

If the BJP fails to implement the good principles of sanitation and ban overseas wave of donations, they will be allowing the slow but inevitable slide of Hindus into vassals of Muslims

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8 Responses to "How to Save Hindus from Muslims"

  1. msveda   July 14, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    Problem lies within Hinduism in form of Casteism and White/English Slavery.

    So called Upper Caste People exploit majority of Hindus for their own Self Interests.

    While Upper Castes Preach People what to do, they never practise what they preach. But, this Upper Caste People in turn work as Slave, Brokers, Prostitutes for Anglo-Saxon People.

    This is where (Elite) Muslims differ from Rotten Hindus, they hate Anglo-Saxon People to the core. They fight wars with them for the betterment of their (religion)People. They strive hard to Save their Local Community, unlike Holy Cow Upper Caste Hindus, who destroy the livelihood of Oppressed Hindus for their selfish interests.

    If Selfish is the word, Upper Caste Hindus is the synonym in India. Daily, many Forests and Agricultural Lands are destroyed in India for encroachment by Anglo-Saxon Nations, while, Upper Caste Hindus never seemed to care about them. They are keen to sell India in name of Foreign Investments.

    In Muslims, you can see many fakirs who sacrifice their Life for betterment of their Religion. “How many Hindu Saints do like that? Hindu saints are obsessed with girls or Power and were never concerned about Religion or its People”

    In recent days, three Muslims were killed in Sri Lanka and Muslims(Parties, Educated People) of Tamilnadu have protested (directly), voiced their anger in Social Media against their (Sinhalese) atrocities.

    For Past Forty Years or so, almost 3 Lakh Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus have been killed in Sri Lanka by Sinhalese. How many Sankaracharyas, Madhavacharyas, Vadakalai and ThenKalai Iyengars, Gurukkals have protested against this Mass Killings?

    These Upper Caste Hindus are useless and Cowards to save their Religion People from outsiders attack. They are concerned with better life without shedding a single drop of blood.

    As I said earlier, if Hindus want to prove their Manliness, they should engage in war with Sri lanka and Pakistan; which will enable other nations to take serious about India.

    First of all, Upper Caste Hindus should stop blabbering about the Caste Superiority and do something Useful for India, her People. Responds:

    1. Muslims, Sikhs and Jews display a unity seldom seen among Hindus!

    2. You write: For Past Forty Years or so, almost 3 Lakh Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus have been killed in Sri Lanka by Sinhalese. How many Sankaracharyas….have protested against this Mass Killings?

    I’ve interacted closely with one of the reigning Shankaracharyas of India.

    A clueless joker!

    • msveda   July 15, 2014 at 3:50 am

      Hindu Religious Gurus never cared about Religion or its People. It’s their stupidity, which lead to demise of Hinduism in Indonesia, Cambodia and many other South East Asian Nations, where once Hinduism was chief Religion.

      With their “Impartial Attitude! “, they are gonna make sure Hinduism die slowly in India

      With exception of Inaugurating Temples, participating in Temple Functions and few Cultural Programs, they don’t do anything useful for Hindu Society.

      They are Shame. Compared to them, Muslims and Christians are doing great Social Service work amongst their Religions in India. It’s no wonder, why Hindus lack Unity, Understanding and Vision.

  2. sam   July 15, 2014 at 5:05 am


    Congress MP and former LS member Gufran Azam on Rahul Gandhi.. Responds:

    What was Azam doing all these years!

  3. rmadasu   July 15, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    Sanitation is one of those things that every one knows is horrible in India, but no one seems to have any idea on how to fix this problem.

    Proper drainage, sewage treatment, proper handling of industrial refuse and of course good wash room facilities for all would instantly eliminate a large class of problems for India and the transformation would be stunning.

    As for the religion angle it may have a role.

    Pakistan it seems is doing better on the sanitation front than India. I am curious about Bangladesh. Perhaps a state by state analysis might reveal some other reasons besides religion. For example is it worse in U.P than Punjab? This is the kind of analysis that Big Data should be used for so that some solutions can devised. Responds:

    1. You write: Pakistan it seems is doing better on the sanitation front than India. I am curious about Bangladesh.

    Every country in the world is doing better than India on sanitation.

    But we’re going to have a Man on the Moon, Man on the Mars, Man on U’ranus, more Nukes etc.

    2. You write: As for the religion angle it may have a role.

    You no reading my post…you no understanding my post, sweetie!

    The central piece of my post is that Religion is the differentiator.

    Muslims are not into Open Defecation as much as Hindus.

    3. I do not believe there’s significant difference states-wise – Muslims are less excited about Open Defecation compared to Hindus.

  4. sam   July 16, 2014 at 1:41 am

    Modi Aane Wala Hai! Responds:

    This is not news.

    But time-waste! 🙁

  5. What_if   August 18, 2014 at 11:52 am

    Hi SI Howdy ? Long time me no write.

    It seems that someone influential in the Govt has read your post, you wrote:
    “If Narendra Modi and his BJP cohorts really are the guardians of Hindutva and Hindu pride, they must do three things:”

    Towards your point one:
    Modi in his First Independence Day Speech on 15th August said:
    “I want to start one work from today. There should be a toilet in all the schools of our country. A separate toilet for girls… it is only then our girls will not have to quit schools.” He set a one-year deadline to achieve the goal.

    Towards your point two:
    PM has asked Corporates to build Toilets out of their CSR Expenditure ( which according to some articles – other wise were said to be going to Corporate Bigwigs wives projects / agencies 0 a way of siphoning the money in the mane of CSR)
    Today Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on Monday said it has pledged Rs 100 crore toward financing hygienic sanitation facilities for girl students across 10,000 schools.
    Some stats are here

    Towards your point three:
    Work has already begun by the new Govt on monitoring and demanding transparancy & disclosure measures for all Funding from Abroad to NGOs including Green Peace etc – who are accused of putting a brake and stalling the developmental projects in the name of Environmental concerns – including a guy from TN who protested against Kundankulam Nuclear Project from Funds from abroad. Responds:

    Hello Sweetie!

    1. I’m glad Modi is paying attention to Sanitation and the issue of public defecation.

    The big problem in India is not planning grand schemes but execution. Nehru, Indira, Modi, Deve Gowda, Manmohan Singh etc all talked big on tackling sanitation, corruption, industry etc. But India still remains at the bottom on most rankings, except for some pockets like IT, biotech, call centers etc.

    We even had a Planning Commission (recently abolished by Modi) whose job was to put out tons of reports but alas those recommendations went nowhere. Just millions of trees cut.

    Execution of policies has proved to be an impossible task in India (main culprits being geographical size, corruption at all levels of bureaucracy and political leadership and innate Chutiya culture of our people). Changing our Chutiya culture at all levels will take a few decades at the least.

    I hope Modi will prove to be different and succeed where his predecessors failed but remain skeptical.

    2. If Narendra Modi really has cojones, if he’s really serious about lifting all boats (not just that of big business), he must raise taxes on annual income over Rs 50 lakh to 60-70%.

    Infrastructure/Sanitation/Development/Public Transport schemes need money and that can come only from taxes.

    Given his past record, I doubt Narendra Modi will raise taxes or that he’ll turn out to be India’s savior as many expect him to be.

    To move a ship the size of India within a quasi-democratic setup will take at least five years.

    My bet is that at the end of his five-year term (if he even completes it) there will be modest improvement in India but nothing significant.

    3. My prediction is that within 18-24 months, there will be serious dissidence/revolt against Modi’s leadership. People don’t realize that the BJP is not much different from Congress. Hey, they all emerged from the same fetid soil. Your state Karnataka proved the turbulent nature of BJP when it came to power.

    Bottom line, I’m neither excited about Modi’s speeches (after all, talk is cheap) nor do I believe Ram Rajya is around the corner!

  6. What_if   August 18, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    A very Important aspect you omitted is that of Hindus taking a dip in The Holy Ganges from Time immemorial and bringing back home the “Thirtham” from Varanasi – the most polluted water with a high percentage of Fecal Coliform Bacteria!×7/ma-ganga-killing-her-softly/334346 Responds:

    Just started watching your 21-min video (above link).

    I will update my response after seeing the NDTV video in full.

    BTW, we had a small sealed jar of Ganga-jal in our house when we were young. It was a prized, revered possession, prayed to daily. 😉


    Just finished watching the full video.

    Terrible situation vis-a-vis the Ganga.

    So anyone drinking Ganga-jal (Tirth) downstream from the Gomukh source is basically drinking water mixed with human piss & shit, industrial waste, bull-shit, pig-shit etc.

    I doubt Ganga can be saved because there’s no will either from the leaders or the people.

    Unbelievable, how our people ignore such pollution and still bathe, drink, wash clothes etc in the Ganga.

    In the past, I’d sometimes fantasized of retiring in Varanasi.

    Now I’ve banished such fantasies. 😉

    I will live and die in the U.S.

  7. What_if   August 18, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    Dear SI, If you ever change your mind and wish to spend the twilight years in India, there are many peaceful & serene places specially in the hill stations.

    I know of a Scientist from your Country who gave up his lucrative career, came to India in search of Nirvana, attained Nirvana and is peacefully living now in an Ashram. I won’t say much now, I will send his book to you after two months when I go home. Responds:

    1. Nirvana?

    In the American culture, Nirvana is the end result of pumping and thrusting!

    2. Speaking of books, I’m currently reading Ray Bradbury’s collection of short stories – 100 of his “most celebrated Tales.”

    Here are a few good ones:

    * Lafyette, Farewell
    * The Flying Machine
    * The Fruit at the Bottom of the Bowl

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