VCs Rush to Fund Indian Start-ups

Mercury News a few months ago had a story on the rush of VCs to India and the “new garage culture” of the start-ups in Bangalore and elsewhere a la Silicon Valley. In the first nine months of 2006, VCs have made 53 early-stage investments in Indian start-ups worth $355 million — nearly twice as […]

Bihar’s Digital Divide Shrinking

At least that’s the conclusion of a story on the reach and use of the Internet in Bihar’s hinterlands, far from the state capital Patna. Nineteen-year-old Swati Jha is in her final year of BSc, and is an ardent Internet user. “It’s a wonderful world, and life without the Internet would just be dark, […]

Ulagam Sutram Valiban

Back in our childhood days in the 1960s and 1970s down in the deep south, one of our favorite songs was Pachaikilli Muthucharam from the MGR movie Ulagam Sutram Valiban. Imagine our delight when we discovered the song on YouTube the other day. Hope you get as much joy out of the below video as […]

BigAdda Goes Live

Reliance Entertainment’s MySpace wannabe BigAdda social networking site has gone live. Membership is now open to the online social network where users can add profiles, photos, videos and even blah blah blah i.e.  blog to their heart’s content. BigAdda is inviting folks to join in. At BigAdda, everyone’s invited, simply request an invite on our homepage […]

Desi Illegals Beat Amigos

If you thought illegal immigrants in the U.S. came only from Mexico or other Spanish speaking countries South of the border, think again. Our own Desi illegal population in the U.S. is growing and growing. Between January 2000 and January 2005, the highest percentage increase of illegal immigrants in the U.S. came from India – […]

India’s Airlines Growing But Losing Money

The New York Times today has a story on how India’s airline industry is growing “at breakneck speed” but having a hard time making money. India’s outdated airports are staggering under the crush of passengers and flights, let alone giant planes, and the arrival recently in Delhi of an Airbus 380 required that the grassy […]