NYT Covers India’s Power (Electricity) Crisis

Whoa, our favorite paper New York Times has a front page story today (May 21, 2007) on India’s severe power shortages. Writing for the Times, NYT’s South Asia bureau chief Somini Sengupta describes: an electricity crisis that represents one of the major hurdles to India’s ability to hoist itself into the front ranks of the […]

Gujju Behns Eating Dhokla in Atlantic City Casino?

Gujju Behns in the Den of Vice – at an Atlantic City Casino Boredom makes men and women explore strange things, particularly when thrown into a strange environment. If a move to a different culture is hard enough for the educated Indian middle class – those with the so-called cosmopolitan world views – it must […]

More Indians Living by Gutters

As India Grows, so does its slums It’s boomtime for the Indian economy for the last few years. And it’s boomtime for India’s slums as well over the last couple of decades.  Even as India’s annual growth rate crosses 8%, the number of Indians living in slums in cities - often near open gutters and in […]

Life On An Arctic Ice Slab

Life in the Northeastern U.S. during winter is bad enough. But imagine living in numbing Arctic chill where the temperatures can range from -29C to -68C. One wrong step and you could potentially fall 12,000 feet into the cold, cold ice. After spending three days at a temporary U.S. Navy camp in the Beaufort Sea in […]