Rajaratnam Sings Ponal Poggatum Galleon

Yesterday’s Tamil hedge fund mapillai but today’s alleged Wall Street criminal and billionaire Raj Rajaratnam is winding down his Galleon hedge fund. In a letter to investors, Rajaratnam, who was arrested last Friday on insider trading charges and is now out on $100 million bail, wrote: I have decided that it is now in the […]

Where there’s a Scandal, there’s a Desi. 5, Actually

This is kinda amazing. Sure, scandals and desis are never far from each other. Close acquaintances, really. Desis in the U.S. are forever involved in some nasty case or the other. But the Galleon Group hedge fund scandal currently rocking Wall Street is a new high water mark – Five desis count among the dramatis […]

Cry America, Cry; The Coolies are Feasting on Your Flesh

Note to All American Workers: All ye spineless, beaten down rats. Pay heed. While all you cretinous morons were busy cheering at the Nascar races, attending stupid tea parties, viewing American Idol and watching that modern-day Caliban Tom DeLay make an ass of itself on Dancing With the Stars, your politician SOBs and corporate mothafuckas […]

Boycott the Crappy Airline a.k.a British Airways

Folks, an airline that’s so disrespectful of its desi customers deserves to be shown the middle finger. Do NOT, NOT give these swines your business. Spread the word about this nasty airline. File a small claim against them. Teach British Airways a lesson about never treating desi travelers like shit. British Airways Screws Desis Over […]

Cool, Borders to Offer Free WiFi

Here’s some good news for cheapo desis in the U.S. looking for free WiFi Internet access while on the move. By mid-October, the 500 odd Borders book stores around the U.S. will provide free WiFi. Cool, so we can take our new Asus netbook 1005HA-PU1X to Borders and blog from there. Verizon is providing the […]

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