Of Manner and Matter – Lord Chesterfield

I suspect, that you have taken it into your head, in most cases, that the matter is all, and the manner little or nothing. If you have, undeceive yourself, and be convinced that, in everything, the manner is full as important as the matter. If you speak the sense of an angel, in bad words […]

Words With Libido: Word Power Made Easy 2

Gosh, it’s been over eight months since we added some zing to your vocabulary. Bet you fellas are all getting antsy over the long gap. So without further ado let’s get you guys and gals started: * Amomaxia – Sex in a parked car Example: The next time you are on a long drive from […]

Manias for Schmucks

It’s a safe bet that of the numerous manias running amok in the English language all ye lascivious schmucks have only heard of Nymphomania. 😉 But there are lots of other ‘manias‘ out there. Here’s a short list of some manias you probably won’t recognize: * Bruxomania – Practice of grinding one’s teeth. * Oniomania […]

Word of the Day – Manichean

* Manichaean or manichean (MA nuh kee uhn) If you belonged to the reading class, a dwindling cadre in the age of 3 Idiots, Paa and Vettaikaran, you’d have encountered the word manichaean in a newspaper or magazine article by now. Etymology – To trace the origins of this word, you’d have to go back […]

Word of the Day – Mome

No, it’s got nothing to do with mommy, you oedipal weirdos. 😉 Although Mome (pronounced mohm) is considered an archaic word by our copy of the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th Edition, p.800), we’ve come across a few contemporary instances of its use. The term means blockhead or fool.