Hell, This Ain’t No Secret

At Microsoft’s meeting with financial analysts yesterday, CEO Steve Ballmer acknowledged a fact that anyone with a head has known for a long time: Microsoft is a total disaster in the mobile arena where Apple and Google are ruling the roost in smartphones, tablets, apps and music. The tragedy for Microsoft is that as the […]

Jobs Review – Incomplete Job

What Intel has done for the microprocessor, we’re going to do for the home computer. – Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the Hollywood movie Jobs Steve Jobs was a Class A asshole in his shabby treatment of people around him. Jobs was also an astute and wealthy businessman thanks to co-founding Apple and his role […]

Nik Wallenda – Amazing Tightrope Act

Thank God for Nik Wallenda! There’s still some high-wire adventure left in the world. In an era of silly reality shows and hideous computer-generated Hollywood ‘action’ drivel, 34-year-old tightrope artiste Nik Wallenda is the real deal. On Sunday, Nik Wallenda became the first human to cross Grand Canyon on a wire (slung 1,500-feet above the […]

Karunanidhi – 90 Years of Torture

Tamil Nadu politician and DMK Leader M.Karunanidhi turned 90 today. And as usual, loudspeakers in Chennai and other cities in Tamil Nadu are blasting out songs cacophonous bilge extolling the “legendary virtues” of this bigamist and snollygoster. People in the know tell me that every part of Karunanidhi’s body except his brain is in a […]

Hell Hath No Fury as An Angry Mysore Brahmin with a Depleting Fortune

Infosys co-founder N.R.Narayana Murthy has muscled back into the IT services company he co-founded 32-years back. A few hours back N.R. Narayana Murthy was named Executive Chairman and additional director of the company with immediate effect (he “retired” from Infosys in 2011). Narayana Murthy’s return was a move that was long overdue, in my not-so-humble […]