Indore Patalpani Accident – Going, Going, Gone!

Who says life is certain? Tragedy sometimes strikes with stunning, cruel swiftness. Here, watch the below video of an unfortunate incident that occurred today at the Patalpani Water Falls in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. (Via Vasanth’s FB account) Related Stores: Indore: Family on picnic swept away by wave

Who Says Times Square is Boring

To all those querulous bozos who moan and whine endlessly that Times Square in NYC has nothing to offer except endless stores, teeming crowds and acres of boring billboards, we offer the following pictures taken on June 15, 2011: Om Shanti Om Boy, She Sure is a Charming Sight Look Up to This Beauty in […]

iPhone 4 Makes a Lot of Cameras Superfluous

Ever since we purchased the iPhone 4 with its 5-megapixel camera, we’ve been tempted to get rid of our Nikon DSLR, Canon S80 and a bunch of other cameras. You see, the iPhone 4 takes pictures so good that unless you are a professional shooting models or other such high-end stuff you don’t any other […]