Tamil Tigers’ Political Head Killed

The head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam’s (LTTE) Political Division S.P. Tamilselvan was killed in a Sri Lankan Air Force aerial bombardment on Friday at 6.00 AM local time, according to a LTTE web site. A note on the LTTE web site said:  With deep sorrow we announce to the people of Tamil Eelam, […]

Manmohan Singh’s Daughter Nails Bush Lies on Torture

Oh boy, oh boy. As Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh cozies up to the Bush Administration, his youngest daughter Amrit Singh blasts the same administration for borrowing methods from tyrannical regimes (and she is right). In her new book Administration of Torture, Manmohan Singh’s U.S-based daughter Amrit Singh plunges the dagger deep into the rotting […]

U.S. Pressures India To Sign Nuclear Deal

Senior U.S. officials are quietly pressuring India to sign the nuclear deal that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has put on the backburner because of domestic political compulsions. After all, at stake for the American companies like GE and Westinghouse are multi-billion dollar contracts. U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, the Chief Spokesman for big American businesses, […]

Karnataka – Home of Shameless Skunks

Among the many opportunistic skunks that litter the Indian political landscape, it’s hard to find two worse specimens than the political parties JD(S) and BJP in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Barely a few weeks after the JD(S) reneged on its promise to turn over the position of Chief Minister to the Hindu nationalist […]

Who is Neera Tanden?

Update: Neera Tanden is now Domestic Policy Director for the Obama Campaign now that Hillary Clinton’s White House dreams have turned to dust. ————————- Neera who, you might say. But if Hillary Clinton were to win the Presidency, you can bet on hearing a lot more about Neera Tanden in the coming years. An Indian-American, […]

Tehelka Screws Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in New Sting

In a six-month-long sting operation, investigative magazine Tehelka.com has royally screwed Gujarat Chief Minister and senior BJP leader Narendra Modi over the 2002 communal riots that led to a wholesale massacre of Muslims in the state. According to the Tehelka story, Modi blessed the violence that led to mass killing of the Muslims in Gujarat after […]