Vel Disappoints with Weak Story, Unimpressive Music

Vel featuring Surya, Asin and Vadivelu is a little better than Azhagiya Tamil Magan but that’s small consolation for Tamil movie fans. Vel’s biggest weakness is its pedestrian, beaten to death simplistic story of two brothers separated when young and growing up separately. Repeated in Hindi, Tamil and other Indian language films ad nauseum ad infinitum […]

Tamil Movie Stars & their Crazy Titles

Even those leaders like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Che Guevara who were at the vanguard of a real revolution did not have a fancy title like Tamil movie star Vishal Reddy. After his appearance in just half-a-dozen Tamil films, Vishal Reddy has now taken on the title of Puratchi Thalapathi  or Revolutionary Commander. Wow, in […]

Azhagiya Tamil Magan Review – Utter Garbage

Asingamana Tamil Magan would be a more apt name for this repellent farce of a movie featuring Vijay in a double role opposite the young Delhi girl Shriya Saran. Abomination Par Excellence Even in the long gone days of silent movies, film-makers would not dare to unleash an abomination like Azhagiya Tamil Magan on viewers. […]

Even in Khushboo Land, Thin is In

Even in the land of Khushboo a.k.a the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, thin is apparently in these days. Besides the voluptuous yesteryear actress Khushboo (for whom devoted fans once built a temple), several prominent Tamil heroines like Jyothika, Ramya, Nagma, Sripriya  and Nayantara have been rather plump by Hollywood – and even Bollywood […]

Sathum Podaathay – Fine Entertainer

Sathum Podaathay leaves Tamil fans with some hope that all is not lost with Tamil cinema. Featuring youngsters Prithvi Raj, Padmapriya and Nitin Satya in strong roles, Sathum Podaathay dares to break new ground (for Tamil cinema, that is) with an offbeat story. Sathum Podaathay is a commendable effort by director S.M.Vasant in eschewing the […]

Sivaji Disappoints

Superstar Rajnikanth and director Shankar have both come up short in the new Tamil movie Sivaji The Boss. A flawed movie in many respects, Sivaji fails to scale the lofty heights that one expects when the two top-guns in the Tamil film industry come together. We loved Shankar’s last film Anniyan and enjoyed Rajnikanth’s 2005 […]