Tilera Debuts 64-Core TILE Processor

Silicon Valley start-up Tilera has launched a new processor called TILE64 that contains 64 programmable cores, each capable of running the open source Linux operating system. TILE64 is the first in a family of TILE Processor chips that can supposedly scale to thousands of cores. Tilera executives claim that TILE64 delivers 10X the performance of […]

Govt Acts After Woman Strips

It usually takes a lot for the government to get moving in India. But in the case of Pooja Chauhan of Rajkot city in the western Indian state of Gujarat, it actually took a lot less. A lot less clothes, that is. Frustrated by the indifference to her complaints of dowry harassment by her husband […]

Sivaji Disappoints

Superstar Rajnikanth and director Shankar have both come up short in the new Tamil movie Sivaji The Boss. A flawed movie in many respects, Sivaji fails to scale the lofty heights that one expects when the two top-guns in the Tamil film industry come together. We loved Shankar’s last film Anniyan and enjoyed Rajnikanth’s 2005 […]

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