9 Eleven Review – Don’t Waste Your Time

Our first thought after watching the Hindi film 9 Eleven was that it’s a pity everyone and his brother is making movies these days. Bozos with a few coins jingling in their pockets get an irresistible, uncontrollable itch that won’t abate until they see their name in the Produced by [Insert Bozo’s Name Here] credits. […]

Hey, Sonny Chatrath is in the Movies

By golly, SI well-wisher and Iselin, NJ travel agent Sonny Chatrath (Sonny is Americanese for Gurpreet Singh) is in the movies. A Bollywood film, guys. Not an ad film or documentary. A full-fledged Bollywood movie (according to an e-mail we got from a Yahoo Groups list). No less. The movie is 9 Eleven, where Sonny […]