7Aum Arivu Opening Show – Good Crowd In U.S.

Folks, it’s 8.15PMET. We’re sitting in a hall on the East Coast blogging on our iPad 2. Waiting for the Surya-Shruti Hassan starter 7Aum Arivu to start. Good crowd in the hall. About 150-175 people in the hall. Not bad, not bad at all considering tomorrow is a working day in the U.S. Let’s hope […]

Asin in Ghajini – A Sin-fully Awful Performance

Ghajini Review – Aamir Khan Disappoints in Stolen Shit Ghajini Tamil Movie Review Last night, we sacrificed ourselves on the altar of the public good by watching Ghajini (Tamil) again. Badly bruised mentally by the ordeal, fatigued extremely by the torturous experience and filled with resentment over our fate, we emerged from the mishap in utter […]