Delhi 6 Review – A Meaningless Kaleidoscope

Delhi 6 Falling, Falling, Falling – Down 75% Abhishek’s Delhi 6 Fails to Sizzle at Box Office Folks, for the first time in so many years there were 17 people (12 initially + 5 more trooped in just as the movie started) for the 12:30PM show of a Bollywood movie in the U.S. on a […]

Critics Thrash Flop King Abhishek Bachchan’s Drona

Drona – Box Office Disaster; Abhishek’s Waterloo? Drona Review – Pathetic Piece of Shit Movie critics have ripped apart Bollywood Flop King Abhishek Bachchan’s latest disaster Drona. A harrowingly bad movie, Drona is Abhishek Bachchan’s worst effort (at least until this dodo’s next disaster). charitably described Drona as a pathetic piece of shit. Take […]

Drona – Pathetic Piece of Shit; Abhishek Bachchan Stinks

Abhishek Bachchan Sets New Pathetic Record So, you thought Love Story 2050 was ugly? And you thought Sarkar Raj was lousy? You thought God Tussi Great Ho was crappy? Well, count your blessings if you ain’t seen this pathetic piece of shit called Drona. Compared to the nightmare that Drona represents, Love Story 2050, Sarkar […]