Le Petit Lieutenant Review – Fine Film

Now that we’ve turned off comments (Abhi, we’ll process your two pending comments) on this extraordinary blog to avoid distraction from the hoi polloi in our second shot at a short story, we find more time at hand. So, what do we do? Besides drinking more, of course (we’re already semi-high on a cocktail of […]

Aisha Review – Lost in Translation Piece of Shit

When two little twits still groping in the dark to understand the difference between tits and twats are handed the onerous responsibility of adapting a classic like Emma to the Bollywood milieu, the end result can only be a pathetic piece of shit that had us tottering out of the theater in sheer horror. Folks, […]

Aisha = Garbage, Say Critics

When two grossly underqualified little twits put out a movie, can it be anything but gross. Right, na? Folks, critics have given Aisha the thumbs down. Here are excerpts from a sample of critical reviews of Aisha: * DNA: Debut director Rajshree Ojha has made a mess and she has only herself and her writer […]

Great News – Bad Opening for Twit Sisters’ Aisha

God must exist. How else can you can explain reports of a bad opening for the twit sisters’ crap-show Aisha. Here’s what some analysts had to say: Box Office India: Aisha opened to a poor response with 30-35% collections at multiplexes this morning. The collections in the afternoon did not show much improvement and were […]

Reading Aisha Oops Emma

Aisha Review – Lost in Translation Piece of Shit As the Abhay Deol-Big Mouth a.k.a Sonam Kapoor film Aisha is nigh upon us, we picked up Jane Austen’s Emma at our local library yesterday. Unless you are a complete Bollywoodphobe, you do know that Aisha is an adaptation of Emma, set of course in these […]