Aisha = Garbage, Say Critics

When two grossly underqualified little twits put out a movie, can it be anything but gross.

Right, na?

Folks, critics have given Aisha the thumbs down.

Here are excerpts from a sample of critical reviews of Aisha:

* DNA:

Debut director Rajshree Ojha has made a mess and she has only herself and her writer to blame.

…..Aisha was never meant for the single-screen and small-town audiences but it doesn’t cut ice with the multiplex and city audience either. Flop! This may be gal kadvi kadvi bol, but that’s the bitter truth!

* Hindustan Times:

You only wish this sense of outdoor adventure could conceal the blandness of the drama within. And the complete blah for dialogue that get exchanged in flawless Hinglish.  The vibes remain cold. Pairs rotate in circles. The same bummers meet over and over again, with little to say, or do. Littler makes sense. Or is even meant to.

* IBN Live:

Superficial and shallow like its protagonist, Aisha is a tiring film about a meddlesome, match-making millionaire, whose roots can be traced directly to charming 90s comedy Clueless, itself a contemporary take on Jane Austen’s Emma.


When two little twits still groping in the dark to understand the difference between tits and twats are handed the onerous responsibility of adapting a classic like Emma to the Bollywood milieu, the end result can only be a pathetic piece of shit that had us tottering out of the theater in sheer horror.

….Austen endows even lesser characters like Woodhouse, Miss Bates or her mother with vivid color and odd mannerisms to make them stand out against the backdrop of the omnipresent Emma.

Aisha, au contraire, is a very badly adapted piece of shit with the limelight shining bright solely on the eponymous character Aisha, with the others relegated to the shadows due to poor characterization of their roles.

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