Raanjhanaa Fails to Get Big Opening

Tamil star Dhanush’s Bollywood debut Raanjhanaa failed to get a big opening in the U.S. Despite all the hype and nonstop blabbering by Dhanush’s co-star Sonam Kapoor prior to the film’s release, Raanjhanaa grossed a mere $414,211 in its opening June 21-23, 2013 weekend at the U.S. box office. The movie released on 102 screens […]

Raanjhanaa Review – Na Na Na Jaana!

By Naveen Hey, all Desi story writers out there! There’s news for you! Bollywood has found a way to use your trash ahem… scripts! If you have half-baked and incomplete scripts lying around, hand it over to EROS International. They will find someone to weave it all into a single movie. Who cares whether it […]

Mausam Review – Pankaj Kapur Hates Shahid Kapur

We’d heard that some fathers loath their young sons. Maybe, the fathers see their grownup, priapically obsessed youthful-looking sons as a rival for their wives’ affections. But the wise souls at SI never believed in such Freudian drivel and Oedipal fiction. At least, not until we were confronted with hard, rock-solid evidence today in Pankaj […]

Aisha Review – Lost in Translation Piece of Shit

When two little twits still groping in the dark to understand the difference between tits and twats are handed the onerous responsibility of adapting a classic like Emma to the Bollywood milieu, the end result can only be a pathetic piece of shit that had us tottering out of the theater in sheer horror. Folks, […]

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