Dark Knight Rises Review – Disappointing

Dark Knight Rises’ director Christopher Nolan may know a thing or two about the technique of making movies but he’s has always been a less than inspiring figure when it comes to the artistic elements, the magical amalgam that delivers a soul-stirring movie. I don’t know about you schmucks but when the lights go out […]

Dark Knight Rises Looms Over Gotham

Dark Knight Rises Review – Disappointing With just 10-days to go for the release of Dark Knight Rises in the U.S., the publicity machine for the newest film in the Batman series is in full gear. This morning as I was walking around Midtown Manhattan my eyes repeatedly fell upon huge posters and ads for […]

Dark Knight – Heath Ledger’s Dazzling Swan Song

If Heath Ledger were not already dead, we’d have surely killed him with our bare hands for being careless with the prescription drugs that took the life of this amazing actor prematurely in January. To watch Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight is to rejoice in a performer who had reached the ne plu ultra, […]