Hey, Bibliophiles – Deals Can’t Get Any Better

We know, we know. All ye 64-letter, Twitter-constrained schmucks consider reading to be a cardinal sin. For desis, books are the new pariahs to stay away from. Let not even the shadow of the printed word fall on your Fair-and-Lovelied, Hennaed, Attared body. Who knows what dangers might lurk in the pages of books. God […]

Borders Finished; 11,000 Employees Screwed

Finito! Our favorite brick and mortar book store chain, the troubled Borders Group is shutting down after failing to find any bidders. Over the years, we’ve lost track of the number of books we’ve purchased at Borders stores in NY, NJ, PA, CA, DE and MD. Not just for books, we headed to Borders for […]