Hanna Review – Saoirse ‘Bourne’ Ronan Impresses

Friend’s Father – Hanna, what did your mother die of? Hanna – Three bullets. Who needs Bourne when you got Hanna? Yeah, who needs Jason Bourne when you have a pretty young gal with a doctorate in Bournology. New Kick-Ass It’s been some time since we watched a nice action film starring a young girl. […]

The Bourne Legacy Review – Mediocre Shit

Back in the old days, when we were in the spring of our lives we greatly enjoyed Robert Ludlum’s books. We read most if not all his spy thrillers. If memory serves us right, the Chancellor Manuscript was our first Ludlum thriller, a novel we picked up sometime in the 1970s from a neighborhood circulating […]

Bourne Ultimatum Dazzles

A must see movie of this summer, Bourne Ultimatum delivers solid entertainment for those of us tired of the same old, same old Bollywood balderdash. Ever since we read our first Jason Bourne thriller in 1980 – that was Bourne Identity – we’ve been hooked on the late author Robert Ludlum’s best known creation and […]