Kingsman – Unsatisfying Despite Colin

Kingsman – Unsatisfying Despite Colin

Are we going to stand here all day? Or are we going to fight? – Harry Hart (Colin Firth) in a pub at the beginning & Eggsy (Taron Egerton) in a pub at the end A valiant, heroic effort from Colin Firth can’t stop Kingsman – The Secret Service from turning into the proverbial Apples […]

A Summer in Genoa – Normal Ain’t Boring

I just can’t fathom why over 90% of movies have turned into exaggerated flights of fancy. Is everyday life so banal, so disturbing and so worthless that we must seek our release only in the bottomless pits of fantasy? One of the charms of A Summer in Genoa is that nothing of any great significance […]

Main Street, Page Eight – Decent Movies

Amid the endless sewage stream of trashy movies (both Indian and Ingleesh), it’s sometimes easy to miss the few good ones. Recently, we had the good sense, and the blessed good fortune, to watch two nice English movies – Main Street and Page Eight on DVD (both via Netflix). * Main Street – This well […]

The King’s Speech Wins Best Picture Oscar

The King’s Speech won the prestigious Best Picture Oscar tonight at the 83rd Annual academy awards ceremony. It got 12 nominations and won four. Here is SI’s Review of The King’s Speech: King’s Speech Review – May All You Schmucks Rot in Hell if You Don’t Watch this Gem Steven Spielberg presented the award in […]

Colin Firth Takes Home Best Actor Oscar

Colin Firth won the Best Actor Oscar this evening at the 83rd Annual Academy awards ceremony for his stirring performance of a stuttering monarch in The King’s Speech. This is Colin Firth’s first Academy Award and his second nomination. As SI wrote in the review of The King’s Speech: For movie buffs, to not see […]