Deiva Thirumagal – Disaster at Box Office

(Dedicated to Thieving Swine Vikram’s Scumbag Fans) Rotten Stolen Trash Deiva Thirumagal featuring Thirutu Nai Vikram has fared miserably at the box office. The U.K. Box Office that is. It was way below Vikram’s earlier movies Kanthaswamy and Bheema. Hey, it is worse than even Karthi’s Siruthai, Jeeva’s Ko and Vishal’s Avan Ivan. For the […]

Deiva Thirumagal – Rotten, Stolen Trash

Deiva Thirumagal has the odious perversion of not merely being stolen (from the 2001 Hollywood film I Am Sam) but also the dubious distinction of being a downright trashy movie. Too Hard for Vikram Folks, one of the biggest disappointments of Deiva Thirumagal is Vikram’s mediocre acting. Truth be said, Vikram is not even a […]

Deiva Thirumagal First Half – Bad

Deiva Thirumagal Review – Rotten Stolen Trash No Ifs and buts, Deiva Thirumagal is a trashy copy of I Am Sam. Vikram is not even a millionth as good as Sean Penn. The Deiva Thirumagal story is far too contrived to be any good. Vikram is not in the least convincing as a mentally handicapped […]

I am Sam Review – Will Vikram Pee All Over Himself?

Michelle Pfeiffer’s character Rita Harrison: Can you grasp the concept of manipulating the truth. Not lying, just a little tweak here and there. Sean Penn’s character Sam: No Source: I am Sam Deiva Thirumagal Review – Rotten Stolen Trash Since the Internut is rife with rumors that Tamil star Vikram’s upcoming movie Deiva Thirumagan aka […]