Dhobi Ghat Box Office – Ha Ha Ha, Washed Out

Dhobi Ghat Review – Less Dhobi, More Phony Thank You, God (Allah, Ram, Jesus or wateva be your f*cking name). Thank you with all our heart for sinking this mediocre shit a.k.a Dhobi Ghat. Folks, the much publicized Aamir Khan produced Dhobi Ghat failed to generate even half-million dollars at the U.S. box office. What […]

Dhobi Ghat Review – Less Dhobi, More Phony

Say, since when does a New York desi living the good life in a plush, sea-facing apartment in Mumbai with a maid on hand to make and serve tea get her clothes washed by the Dhobi, an almost bygone relic from a different era. Hellloo, washing machine! Executives at GE, LG, Samsung et al if […]