Dhoom 3 BO – Indians Will Watch Any Junk

Tell me the movies people watch and I’ll tell you what kind of people they are. Take for instance Dhoom 3, the latest in a long line of mediocre offerings from Bollywood. In a brazen acknowledgment of their classlessness, Indian-Americans swarmed to the theatres this weekend to gawk at Aamir and Katrina in Dhoom 3, […]

Dhoom 3 – 2 Aamir Khans Double the Tedium

Aamir Khans’ scowling mien, the deafening vroom, vroom of BMW motorbike ads, repeated slow motion frames and the lobotomized duffer Abhishek Bachchan’s sophomoric acting are the sum and substance of the Bollywood revenge tale Dhoom 3. After a young kid’s father (Jackie Shroff) commits suicide when a Chicago bank forecloses on papa’s (most inappropriately named) […]

Even Abhishek Can’t Screw Dhoom 3

I have always believed the presence of Abhishek Bachchan, anywhere within 50-miles of a film set, is enough to doom the movie to perdition. Abhishek and class in movies are immiscible, kinda like oil and water. But having watched the trailer of Dhoom 3, I don’t think even Abhishek will be able to do much […]