Dark Shadows – No Highs but Not Bad

Gothic horror comedy Dark Shadows is clearly not a film for the chutiyas aka Indians of any stripes. But blessed with a Catholic disposition yours truly can digest anything you throw on the screen. Comic, tragic, romantic, and even, gothic. Anything but the pathetic, bring it on baby. Finding myself at a loose end today […]

Bernardo Bertolucci’s Dreamers Review – All Tits, All Ass, All Pussy &, By God, All Class

Now, don’t y’all ask us how we happened to come by Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Dreamers. Maybe, one of you priapic schmucks recommended it before we clamped your collective lips shut. Maybe, we’re autodidacts and discovered the movie ourselves. Hey, who gives a f*ck how we how we discovered Dreamers (available at Netflix on DVD). But […]