Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia Review – Delightful

Inception Review – The Emperor Has No Clothes Over the last decade, so much attention has been focused, first on Memento, then on Batman Begins and finally on Dark Knight that many movie buffs are unaware that in-between the first two movies Christopher Nolan also directed a fine movie called Insomnia. Hey, some moviegoers are […]

Ghajini Review – Aamir Khan Disappoints in Stolen Shit

In these hard economic times, if your 2009 New Year Resolution is to cut back on wasteful spending and save money for the rainy days ahead, we suggest you start in the fading days of 2008 by skipping this piece of stolen junk called Ghajini. Yes, the Hindi Ghajini is the same stolen piece of […]

Asin in Ghajini – A Sin-fully Awful Performance

Ghajini Review – Aamir Khan Disappoints in Stolen Shit Ghajini Tamil Movie Review Last night, we sacrificed ourselves on the altar of the public good by watching Ghajini (Tamil) again. Badly bruised mentally by the ordeal, fatigued extremely by the torturous experience and filled with resentment over our fate, we emerged from the mishap in utter […]