Hunger Games: Catching Fire – Tiresome

For me, the 75th Hunger Games proved to be as tiresome, and no less unfulfilling, as the 74th. Barely have Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and her cohorts returned to their impoverished District 12 after their victory in Hunger Games 74 and embark on the victory tour when they’re caught up in President Snow’s plot to […]

Mass Hysteria for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

America has gone mad over the second installment of Hunger Games – Catching Fire. Starting Thursday, theaters across the U.S. are running a gazillion shows for Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I watched the first episode of Hunger Games and wasn’t impressed. But then I’m among the rare few that can distinguish class from crass! Why […]

Hunger Games Lacks Strong Emotional Heft

Jennifer Lawrence is a fine actress, and mark our words carefully now, one about whom y’all will be hearing and talking a lot in the coming years and decades. – The Wise SI in the review of Winter’s Bone, June 2010 As we were driving home through the dense mid-Atlantic fog, we couldn’t help thinking […]

Crazy Crowds for Hunger Games

We’ve never seen anything like this. Not even for the Twilight nonsense. The midnight show of Hunger Games (Jennifer Lawrence) is being screened in at least seven halls at a theatre on the East Coast. And it’s the same story across the U.S. Multiple midnight shows. And we expect every hall to be full. The […]