Mass Hysteria for Hunger Games: Catching Fire

America has gone mad over the second installment of Hunger Games – Catching Fire.

Starting Thursday, theaters across the U.S. are running a gazillion shows for Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

I watched the first episode of Hunger Games and wasn’t impressed.

But then I’m among the rare few that can distinguish class from crass!

Why the Madness

Frankly, I don’t understand the hysteria behind Hunger Games (although I’m a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence, the heroine of the two Hunger Games movies).

I suppose one must be young, White, born in America and have an IQ below 75 to enjoy a movie where the central theme of the first episode was children killing other children in a vicious fight to death.

The audience in the hall where I’m writing this blog post, waiting for Hunger Games: Catching Fire to start, is mostly White, 75% below 25 years.

I’m guesstimating 65% of the people in the hall belong to the distaff sex.

There’s still another 30 minutes for the movie to start and the hall is already 85% full. And this is just one of the 11 halls where Hunger Games: Catching Fire is playing tonight.

SI will have the review of Hunger Games: Catching Fire later tonight.

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3 Responses to "Mass Hysteria for Hunger Games: Catching Fire"

  1. Ganesh Kumar   November 22, 2013 at 9:36 pm

    //I watched the first episode of Hunger Games and wasn’t impressed.//

    Even my brother wasn’t impressed. Scary to think that 2 more sequels are to come out in the next two years. Responds:

    Doing extremely well so far:

    Has Hunger Games released in India?

    I doubt there’s a market in Mera Bharat Mahaan for these kind of movies!

    • Ganesh Kumar   November 28, 2013 at 10:37 pm

      The earlier version did release in March 2012.

      Catching Fire may have a very big release comparatively. (Likely to release here on Dec 6.) Responds:


      I’d be surprised if many people in India even know who Jennifer Lawrence is. She’s big here though!

      • Ganesh Kumar   November 28, 2013 at 11:05 pm

        Off-topic: Responds:

        1. Read the piece in your above link.

        But what is the film-viewing population of India in absolute numbers? Sometimes the absolute numbers rather than percentages tell a better story.

        2. I keep reading reports here (U.S.) that the theatre (as in cinema) going population is declining.

        There are too many competitors for New films in the U.S.

        Fragmentation in entertainment consumption is high in the U.S.

        Netflix, Hulu & Redbox (for CD and/or streaming of older films) + Cable TV (HBO, Showtime etc) + Gaming consoles + Blogs + a gazillion web sites like (Asian films) + Piracy

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