Mahanadi Review – Maha Garbage

Mahanadi Review – Maha Garbage

(for SI Blog Reader Twig) Twits and Twigs have more in common than four alphabets. Both also lack the gene for good taste, and share the inability to separate wheat from chaff. At the repeated urging of SI Blog reader Twig, I watched the Tamil film Mahanadi (1994) last night. Mahanadi has often been hailed […]

Vishwaroop Opens to Mostly Poor Reviews

Vishwaroop, the Hindi version of Kamal Haasan’s Tamil film Vishwaroopam, opened mostly to poor reviews in India. Here are review excerpts from a bunch of Indian movie critics: Hindustan Times Vishwaroop….is too cartoonish to be taken too seriously. Rahul Bose, with his mouth permanently twisted down, makes for an unintentionally hilarious terrorist boss. Rediff For […]

Jayalalitha Makes Perfect Sense

Indian politicians are like Indian movies. Both rarely ever make any sense. But for once, we were witness to a politician who articulated a cogent response to an issue agitating millions of movie fans, not merely in Tamil Nadu, but across the world – the ban of Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.Jayalalitha […]

Disgrace! Vishwaroopam Ban Upheld

Despite Kamal Haasan’s craven surrender to the Muslim community by offering to delete scenes in Vishwaroopam they find objectionable, the actor was beaten down in the Madras High Court today. A bench of the court overturned the order of the single judge and upheld the ban on screening Vishwaroopam in the state for two weeks. […]

Tamil Nadu Lifts Ban on Vishwaroopam

The Madras High Court lifted the ban on Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam a few minutes back (around 10PM IST). This means that Tamils, who make up the majority of the glorious state of Tamil Nadu, unjustly deprived of seeing the film for the last five days can now watch it. The state government banned Vishwaroopam after […]

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