Great Kamal Haasan Songs

With a film career spanning over four decades, Kamal Haasan is a Kollywood legend and ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ to millions of his fans in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Songs from even decades-old Kamal Haasan movies are still popular not merely in Tamil Nadu but with the diaspora in the U.S. and elsewhere as […]

Anbe Sivam – Jewel in the Dinosaur’s Crown

Yaar Yaar Sivam…Nee Naan Sivam…Anbe Sivam. That even lobotomized dinosaurs once made dazzlingly beautiful movies is easily apparent after watching Anbe Sivam. Featuring the dinosaur Kamal Haasan and the nai-kutty faced Madhavan in key roles, Anbe Sivam is that rare gem of a Tamil movie, the bewitching aberration that makes its welcome appearance in the […]

Kamal Haasan on Kamal Haasan – 29 Years Back

Tamil film star Kamal Haasan has been a fixture on the screen for as long as we can remember. In an acting career spanning over five decades, Kamal Haasan has performed a variety of roles in Tamil, Telugu and, occasionally, even Hindi films. While Kamal Haasan is no Marlon Brando, the South Indian star is leagues […]

Movie Critics Tear Apart Dasavatharam

Movie critics across a spectrum of publications have found Kamal Haasan’s freak show Dasavatharam less than satisfying. Here are excerpts from a sample of Dasavatharam Reviews: NDTV (T.S.Sudhir): Dasavathaaram, unfortunately, remains just a film with its USP of 10 Kamals. This Kamal does not blossom the way he did in Indian or Nayakan, Appu Raja, […]

Dasavathaaram Review – Breathtakingly Boring

  Movie Critics Tear Apart Dasavatharam Dasavatharam is the second dud in a row from Tamil film star Kamal Haasan. If Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu (2006) was a bitter pill to swallow for Kamal Haasan’s fans, Dasavatharam is a bigger disappointment because of the heightened expectations raised by the ten roles Kamal plays in this movie. An […]

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