We are Family: Ohhh, We are a Box Office Disaster

We are Happy. šŸ˜† You wanna know why? Because chutiya Bollywood film We are Family has right royally been buggered at the box office. The U.S. box office that is. Shitty Performance at BO In the September 3-5, 2010 opening weekend, We are Family could not even do $300,000 at the U.S. box office. All […]

We are Family Review – Disgustingly Bad

We are Family: Ohhh, We are a Box Office Disaster There are bad Bollywood movies. Then there are very bad Bollywood movies. Finally, there are the disgustingly, terribly bad Bollywood movies like We are Family (Kajol, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal) that are unworthy of even being screened in theaters. Surely, a special place is […]

We are Family is We are Garbage, Say Critics

We are Family Review ā€“ Disgustingly Bad Folks, our hopes have been dashed on the altar of Bollywood’sĀ  incompetence. Here we were fondly hoping that this weekend would be a joyous affair but, alas, man proposes, Bollywood disposes. Several Indian critics have buggered the latest Karan Johar production We are Family (directed by Sidharth Malhotra). […]