Housemaid, Cedar Rapids – Above Average Films

Over the last few days, we watched a couple of films. Neither of the movies were path-breaking or landmarks but by any measure they were decent enough. * Given our recently developed fondness for Korean films, one of the movies was not surprisingly the 2010 film Housemaid featuring the lovely Jeon Do-yeon and directed by […]

Damn, Koreans Make Great Crime Movies

By size, South Korea is smaller than the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu (100,000 sq km vs 130,000 sq km). In terms of population, Tamil Nadu has 72-million people versus 49 million for South Korea. The Tamil film industry and its larger Bollywood sibling make scores of films every year, most of them unwatchable […]

I Saw the Devil – Bloody Korean Gem

Psychopathic killer Kyung-chul fondling his au naturel victim’s arms: Your skin is so soft. Looks like it’ll be easy. Bleeding, battered young woman Joo-yeo: Please don’t kill me. Kyung-chul: Why not? Joo-yeo cries: I’m pregnant. Please, let me live. Kyung-chul pauses for a second, lifts his hand high and brings the knife down swiftly, brutally […]