Righteous Ties – A Not Bad Korean Film

We have developed a robust appetite for Korean films and, by God, we’re gorging on them. The other day, in a first, we watched an entire Korean movie on the iPad, streaming it off Netflix. Since it was late night, we used our iPhone headset. The overall picture quality via WiFi streaming was divine on […]

The Yellow Sea – Don’t Miss this Bloody, Awesome Korean Crime Thriller

(** Attn U.S. Readers: The Yellow Sea is currently playing at select theaters in NYC, NJ, Skokie (IL), Cupertino (CA) and Los Angeles) ******************************* Yellow Sea Cast & Crew Director – Na Hong-jin Story/Screenplay – Na Hong-jin Actors – Jung-woo Ha, Yun-seok Kim ******************************* Given our insatiable lust for Korean crime films, it was preordained […]

Going by the Book – Offbeat Korean Crime Film

(For SI blog reader Guruji) In a long life, we’ve watched many kinds of rape scenes in movies. In Hindi films from the 1970s, we watched Prem Chopra and Ranjeet smacking their lips as they fall upon the helpless girls, and then in the 80s we witnessed the suave cold-blooded Raj Babbar rape the two […]

Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance – Another Korean Gem

No matter what our well-crafted plans be or how meticulously executed they are, life sometimes takes strange turns in ways completely unanticipated even by the smartest of men. We call this the law of unintended consequences of our actions. If Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance (2002), the precursor to Korean director Park Chan-wook’s well-known oldboy and the […]

The Last Godfather Review – Decent Crimedy

Crimedy, yeah. No comprende? How would you, schmuck? That’s a portmanteau word, a combination of a crime and comedy. A neologism we thought of, moments ago. Well, before the earthquake hit us yesterday the mail carrier brought us The Last Godfather DVD from Netflix. Given our new-found love for Korean films, it’s no surprise we […]