Jägermeister – A Sin Not to Drink this Fine Liqueur

After cheap gin, cheap brandy and expensive beer, our favorite alcoholic drink is Jägermeister*. Jägermeister*, a German liqueur, comes in a distinctive green bottle. We’ve been enjoying Jägermeister for close to a year now and still haven’t gotten bored. With a taste verging more than a little bit on cough syrup, the dark brown-colored Jägermeister […]

Jägermeistering Now but Watched 2 Great Movies

Since we’ve just opened a bottle of Jägermeister, we’re hardly in a position to write anything now. But we’re happy to tell you that we watched two awesome movies today in New York City – Animal Kingdom (James Frecheville) and Get Low (Robert Duvall). Both films are playing at Lincoln Plaza on Broadway and 62nd […]