Tackling Terrorism – The Sri Lanka Option

The latest issue of New Yorker (January 17, 2011) has a lengthy piece by Jon Lee Anderson on the Sri Lankan Army’s decisive victory over the LTTE terrorist outfit (remember, these monsters killed Indian leader Rajiv Gandhi). The piece provides an overview of the conflict with emphasis on the final days of the war in […]

May Rajiv Gandhi’s Soul Rest in Peace

* Prabhakaran dead, war on LTTE over: Lanka (Times of India) * Sri Lankans Say Rebels Crushed and Leader Killed (New York Times) * Sri Lankan rebel leader ‘killed’ (BBC) * LTTE chief Prabhakaran dead (Hindu) * Prabhakaran shot dead while trying to break army siege: Army (DNA) * Sri Lanka: Tamil leader has been […]

Happy Days are Back Again – LTTE Terrorists Crushed

After being squashed by the Sri Lankan Army, the LTTE says its guns are silenced (in plain English, the LTTE is conceding defeat). If true, this is wondrous news indeed and a day the suffering Tamils have been waiting for decades. For nearly three decades, the LTTE monsters have wantonly massacred several thousand people including […]

Prabhakaran – the Monster in Pictures

SI reader Sumeshy has sent a whole bunch of pictures contrasting the good life enjoyed by LTTE terrorist leader and Rajiv Gandhi’s murderer Prabhakaran even as his forced conscripts bite the cyanide. Rather than reproducing the pictures here, we thought we’d provide you a link where you can view not only the pictures sent across […]