Prabhakaran – the Monster in Pictures

SI reader Sumeshy has sent a whole bunch of pictures contrasting the good life enjoyed by LTTE terrorist leader and Rajiv Gandhi’s murderer Prabhakaran even as his forced conscripts bite the cyanide.

Rather than reproducing the pictures here, we thought we’d provide you a link where you can view not only the pictures sent across by Sumeshy but other pictures as well.

What Will Durant wrote of Ivan the Terrible is more true of Prabhakaran, the Monster:

He was one of the many men of his time of whom it might be said that it would have been better for their country and humanity if they had never been born.

– Source: The Reformation, Volume 6, p.662 of The Story of Civilization by Will Durant

Yes, the world will be a better place when monsters like Prabhakaran, who thinks nothing of recruiting children as soldiers or sending out suicide bombers from his rat-hole or assassinating Indian leaders like Rajiv Gandhi, are brought to justice.

Hopefully, the day of reckoning will dawn soon for the LTTE terrorist monster Prabhakaran.

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  1. guruprasad.s   May 10, 2009 at 4:27 am

    The photos have a terribly depressing effect.
    Everything else seems to be a waste.
    If the LTTE cadres know that this is what P’karan did to them in the name of “struggle for liberation”, would they be as loyal ?

    Alternatively, had the Tamils in SL not joined/supported any armed struggle against the SL govt., would they have been better off that they are now ?

    Only a Sri Lankan Tamil can answer that.

  2. boopalanj   May 10, 2009 at 4:45 am

    As we discussed earlier on this, both LTTE and Army-backed-by-sinhalese-government are equally dangerous, while both of the parties believe ‘Nothing is unfair in war’.

    Big scars in history, have always been caused by blunders of only a few leaders, who were emotionally driven towards their race / religion / language / other-after-all-non-living things.

    Tamils believe, it all started with the policy of standardization imposed by the then sinhalese government.

    Please read section: ‘the effect of law’ under –

    “The (Sinhalese) historian C.R. de Silva wrote:

    ‘By 1977 the issue of university admissions had become a focal point of the conflict between the government and Tamil leaders. Tamil youth, embittered by what they considered discrimination against them, formed the radical wing of the Tamil United Liberation Front. Many advocated the use of violence to establish a separate Tamil state of Eelam. It was an object lesson of how inept policy measures and insensitivity to minority interests can exacerbate ethnic tensions .'”

    Tensions began to build up between two ethnic groups, then came up the event of Black July.

    For an important picture:

    English article of Black July:

    Prior to this Sirimavo Bandaranayke government had denied citizenship to estate Tamils, and signed an agreement With Indira goverment to expel a 400000 estate Tamils to India over a period of 15 years.

    ‘Sihala only’ act [language policy which makes Sinala as the de facto official language] fueled up the agitations.


    Rise of militancy will always have a background series of events.

    Giving full rights to Tamils, then suppressing the militancy will be the solution. I hope for the best.

    [Don’t mind me always typing big comments.. ;-)]

  3. sumeshy   May 10, 2009 at 11:48 am

    and to think a fairly developed nation like India which gave the world great people like Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, CV Raman, Ramanujam and great freedom fighters like Azad, Beg, Savarkar, is now sucking up and talking about this guy who has not helped lift a stone for our struggles. Politicians in TN must be the schmucks who cannot look back at the rich culture and use their logic to clearly see the truth. As you mentioned in your blog a couple of months back, there is no hope for India as it progresses today.

  4. SRINIVAS   May 11, 2009 at 1:25 am

    These photos dont prove anything at all ……

    Prabhakaran’s son Charles Anthony was sent to Ireland ….he learnt aeronautical engineering …..was instrumental in setting up Air Tigers ….lead from the front in this battle and now as per reports is seriously injured …………The very same press and propagandist media tells us this also ………….

    then they say he and his family are leading a luxurious life while others are dying ………

    How many leaders have their sons joining such a movement ….knowing very well that he may also die?

    Misery of Tamilians is due to the Chavunist Sinhala Govt and SL army …..that’s what has forced people to lead those lives …..wherein they are forced to pick up arms …..stand in queue for food ….thanks to the SL armies shelling which has left them displaced Responds:

    You write: How many leaders have their sons joining such a movement ….knowing very well that he may also die?

    If true, valid point.

  5. Raju   May 11, 2009 at 10:34 am

    one thing is unclear .. Do the father and son look short because they are so fat or do they look fat because they are so short? Responds:

    Prabhakaran is short, stout and sick.

  6. joeantony   May 12, 2009 at 1:26 am

    S.I: Prabhakaran is short, stout and sick

    true.. but he does have some kind of a attraction a leader needs. Even hitler had that, who dosent look good. So body, face and appearance doesnt contribute much.. but it might add more attraction in case of Che guvera it was like that.. a man of strong will, selfless nature, courageous and on top of all this looks manly and handsome… makes him the model for the world’s mostly printed face ever…

    I want to add my thought’s about these leaders being under great fortifying while foot soldires are exposed and dying… its not that their lives are more precious .. rather when you are out there for the cause.. the cause becomes the central point of focus… who ever can carry the cause forwar whatever it takes needs to be protected… in this case killing of prabakaran would end the LTTE and also end the half century long dream of tamil homeland. Where as a foot soldiers death wouldnt really do such a damage…
    so its making sense…

    on the luxury part… yes I am not shocked becasue prabakaran was always clear in his views .. that he will be the ruler of tamil eelam if it was made.. (sucha foolish guy thinks that the world is going to approve a dictatorship country) and many like anton balasingam had tried changing his mind.. but nothing worked out.. He took all the decisions by himself.. like killing Rajiv, wiping out muslims all of them costing him … and his people… these vanni people are the miserable people… the diaspora m***fkers living in the west dont know that by supporting ltte they are increasing the sufferings of their own people.. Responds:

    1. Other ugly looking leaders – Karunanidhi, Indira Gandhi….The only sexy-looking leader (in her younger days) was Jayalalitha 😉

    2. Even if Prabhakaran survives the bombings, it’d be difficult for him to recoup and raise more money because of donor fatigue.

  7. shuaib68   May 30, 2009 at 3:56 am

    D.B.S. Jeyaraj’s article on Prabhakaran’s history gives too many unknown details until I came to know after reading it, very interesting and informative. SI: Pls check.


    Interesting piece. Although it does not cover the recent years, it provides a good historical overview of Prabhakaran and his organization.

    Our hero from the piece in the above link – Vaanchinaatha Iyer.

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