Mankatha Box Office – UK Tamils Embrace Junk

What is it that attracts some Tamils to filth? Bet even the great Greek philosophers Socrates and Plato would have been flummoxed by the above question. Be it the stinking Cooum in Chennai or Ajith’s latest crapshow Mankatha, like bees drawn to a flower a lot of Tamils find their nirvana in filth. Must be […]

Mankatha Review – Ajith’s 50th Atrocity

By Naveen You shall be turned out of my house and I will never have your name pronounced in my presence again. It is disgusting-degrading-disgraceful. – Adolphus Longestaffe to his daughter Georgina in Anthony Trollope’s fine satire The Way we Live Now over her plans to marry a Jew It never ceases to surprise me […]