NJ Desi Mistakes Continental Flight for Cuntinental

Man, these New Jersey Indians are either completely stupid or totally depraved. Look at what happened on a Continental flight from Hong Kong to Newark (New Jersey). Apparently, a New Jersey Indian mistook the Continental flight for a cuntinental free-for-all. Ramesh Advani, a 64-year-old desi from Berkeley Heights, N.J., has pleaded guilty to sexually abusing […]

NJ Desi Vaibhav Dahake to be State ‘Guest’ Soon

Let no one complain that our desis in New Jersey are not making news. Just a few days after news of H1B fraudster Nilesh Dasondi’s prison sentence hit the wires, comes news that another desi will be heading to prison soon. Somerset (NJ) businessman Vaibhav Dahake has pleaded guilty to to an Indictment charging him […]

Wonderful, Thrilling News – Prison Term for H1B Visa Fraudster Nilesh Dasondi of Edison, NJ

Dedicated to SI Blog Reader Naveen 😉 OMG, OMG, we’re so thrilled. Just can’t contain our excitement, folks. Uncork the champagne, sound the bugle, break the coconut. Get Poonam Pandey to do her all-natural act. Time for celebration! Yahooo! Yippeeee! 😛 😛 The U.S. Department of Justice has announced that Nilesh Dasondi, owner of Sterling […]