Spice Zone – Spiceless Travesty in Edison, NJ

When your restaurant is Spice Zone (Rt-27, Edison, NJ), baby, the least you can do is spice it up. You know, give us a burning, tingling, sexy sensation. 😉 Spiceless Charade Alas, alas, Spice Zone turned out to be a spice-less travesty that dashed all our hopes on the hard rock of a mediocre kitchen. […]

NJ Desi Vaibhav Dahake to be State ‘Guest’ Soon

Let no one complain that our desis in New Jersey are not making news. Just a few days after news of H1B fraudster Nilesh Dasondi’s prison sentence hit the wires, comes news that another desi will be heading to prison soon. Somerset (NJ) businessman Vaibhav Dahake has pleaded guilty to to an Indictment charging him […]