Mausam Box Office – Desi Chutias Prop Up Crap

Pankaj Kapur’s directorial debut film Mausam has fared fairly OK at the U.S. box office. That’s rather unfortunate because Mausam (Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor) is a mediocre piece of shit. But as if we’ve often bemoaned, you can take the Chutias out of India but you can’t take the Chutianesss out of Indians. Whether in […]

Mausam Review – Pankaj Kapur Hates Shahid Kapur

We’d heard that some fathers loath their young sons. Maybe, the fathers see their grownup, priapically obsessed youthful-looking sons as a rival for their wives’ affections. But the wise souls at SI never believed in such Freudian drivel and Oedipal fiction. At least, not until we were confronted with hard, rock-solid evidence today in Pankaj […]