Thalaivaa Review – God, Spare Us Jilla

After the nightmarish ordeal of sitting through Punnaku Pandi’s last movie, Thalaivaa (Leader), the other day, all I can say is that the Tamil Nadu political leadership is far wiser than I gave them credit for. Just in case you’d forgotten, Jilla’s release was delayed in August 2013 over “security threats” to theaters and brought […]

Thuppakki Review – Whopping Nonsense

I’ve got to hand it to Joseph Vijay and A.R.Murugadoss, the malefactors behind the thoroughly unwatchable Thuppakki. Say what you will but these two cheaptains of Tamil cinema have a bizarre sense of humor. After launching a vicious sleeper cell attack against the Indian Army and making the force look like a bunch of buffoons, […]

Velayudham Review – Mindless Mayhem

By Naveen On the unenviable lines of his past monsterpieces Tirupachi, Madurey, Villu, Sura and Vettaikkaran, Vijay has taken Tamil Cinema eight steps backward this Diwali with Velayudham. Oh, if you are one of those elitists turning your nose up at Vijay’s films, then let’s see your Brando, Al Pacino or De Niro even try […]

Sura Review – Colossus of Nonsense

Trust Tamil movie star Joseph Vijay to conjure up a sui generis way of thanking legions of fans for standing by him for 49 films over nearly two decades. For his 50th film Sura, Vijay gathered all the saliva in his mouth and in one merciless, swift swoop spat square on the face of millions […]