Does Anyone Still Remember Rajshree?

While we’ve encountered hundreds of actresses in reel life, Rajshree is one of only two Bollywood actresses we’ve met and talked to in real life. We met both when we used to live in Los Angeles. Daughter of the famous Hindi filmmaker V.Shantaram, Rajshree was a dazzling beauty in her youth. After falling in love […]

Is this the Greatest Bollywood Love Song?

Yes, Pyar Hua Ikraar Hua is the greatest Bollywood love song.  This song is truly for the ages. And we don’t want anyone contradicting us. Comprende. The movie is Shri 420 (1955) and the actors Nargis and that Chaplin wannabe Raj Kapoor. Nargis looks so beautiful in the song, an angel descended from heaven. What […]