Pssst, Tamil Crook’s ‘Wife’ Wants Your Help

Tamil Crook Raj Rajaratnam, who’s serving time in a Massachusetts prison, has made it big time. Even e-mail fraudsters are starting to trade on Rajaratnam’s ill-fame and trying to make money off the man’s miserable plight. You see, a little while ago we received the following obviously fake e-mail from ‘Asha Rajaratnam’: Namaste, My name […]

Tamil Hedge Fund Manager Raj Rajaratnam Convicted

Sri Lankan Tamil hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam has been found guilty on all 14 counts of securities fraud and conspiracy by a 12-member jury in New York City. Great day, folks. The Augean Stables of Wall Street are certainly ripe for a thorough cleansing. Raj Rajaratnam is the most well known name to be […]

Rajaratnam Sings Ponal Poggatum Galleon

Yesterday’s Tamil hedge fund mapillai but today’s alleged Wall Street criminal and billionaire Raj Rajaratnam is winding down his Galleon hedge fund. In a letter to investors, Rajaratnam, who was arrested last Friday on insider trading charges and is now out on $100 million bail, wrote: I have decided that it is now in the […]

Where there’s a Scandal, there’s a Desi. 5, Actually

This is kinda amazing. Sure, scandals and desis are never far from each other. Close acquaintances, really. Desis in the U.S. are forever involved in some nasty case or the other. But the Galleon Group hedge fund scandal currently rocking Wall Street is a new high water mark – Five desis count among the dramatis […]