Great Rajini Songs

It is Saturday. And we have more time than we know what to do with. So what better way to fritter away time than to browse YouTube watching/listening to old Rajinikanth songs. Here are some of our Rajini favorites: Kanmaniye Kaathal Enbathu – Featuring Rajini and the late fatafat Jayalakshmi from the movie Aaril Irunthu […]

Mullum Malarum – Rajini Could Act, Once

Befitting his cult status, Tamil film superstar Rajinikanth has developed his own law. Rajini’s Law – You know, like Newton’s Law, Boyle’s Law or Charles Law. This is what Rajini’s Law postulates to his fans – The longer I act in Tamil movies, infinitely worse my performance will get. Thanks to Netflix and demands from […]

Judas Rajini, What About Us?

Hey Snow White, Latelywe’ve come upon reports that you are actively engaged in discussions to reimburse those schmuck distributors/exhibitors for the massive loss incurred because of their ill-advised decision to pay a premium for your Kuselan crap-show. Judas anna, by just focusing on distributors you are ignoring another constituency that fed you, nourished you and […]

Rajinikanth Deserves Better than Gayathri

If Gayathri Sreekanth undertakes her ophthalmological work with the same callous carelessness as her shoddy biography of Tamil film star Rajinikanth (The Name is Rajinikanth), there must be a lot of unfortunate souls moving about in Chennai with blurred vision, or worse, without any vision. Besides being a pathetic attempt at hagiography, almost every page […]

Rajni’s Second Folly in Life – Blessing Ajith’s Billa

Billa II Review – Frustratingly Bad As far as we can tell, Tamil movie superstar Rajnikanth has led a stellar and dignified life except for two big follies. Rajnikanth’s first folly happened sometime in 1979 or 1980, when he disgraced himself with his bad behavior at an airport in South India around the time of […]