Quote of the Day – Saki

Tell me your longitude and I’ll know what latitude to allow you. – Sir Lulworth in The Blind Spot by Saki Source: The Complete Works of Saki, P.295 Here’s the context for the above brilliant quote. In The Blind Spot by Saki, Sir Lulworth is telling his nephew Egbert that people’s behavior can be explained […]

Tezz Review – Usual Boring Indian Garbage

When Indian filmmakers like Priyadarshan are not pissing out mindless comedies, they’re pimping out nonsensical ‘action’ outrages like Tezz that are loosely based on decades-old foreign films (the 1975 Japanese film Bullet Train, in this instance). Tezz made us want to yelp in agony – Do one thing for me, Sredni Vashtar. Bet you schmucks […]