Kahaani Ending Stolen?

Like the warning found on all cigarette packets, it’s time to insert a statutory declaration at the beginning of all Bollywood movies: This Indian movie may have been stolen in full or part from Hollywood and/or other foreign sources with impunity and reckless disregard for the intellectual property of others. Indian media reports suggest that […]

Kahaani Box Office – Not Bad, Bidya

Say what you will about desis in America. They have some class compared to the chutiyas in India with their mouths wrapped around the schlongs of the Khans, Rajinis, Bachchans and the Roshans. U.S. desis have provided a decent start to Vidya Balan’s latest Bollywood outing Kahaani propelling it to a per screen average of […]

Kahaani Review – Superb

Time and again during our viewing of the new Hindi film Kahaani (Vidya Balan et al), we rubbed our eyes in disbelief. Disturbing questions continued to nag us over the course of the two-hour-long film. Were we in the right hall? Has this superb thriller really been made by those amateurish, thieving Indian filmmakers who […]

Ishqiya Review – Charming Ménage à Trois

Box Office: RGV’s Rann Screwed; Ishqiya Saved We rarely ever see Goras coming to see Bollywood films (unless they stumble into the wrong hall). So we were surprised to see a Gora buying a ticket for Ishqiya at Regal Commerce. But then we shouldn’t have been surprised because the fame of Naseeruddin Shah and the […]