Vikram Pandit is New CEO of Struggling Citigroup

Struggling financial services conglomerate Citigroup named Vikram Pandit, 50, as its new CEO and board member effective immediately. Vikram Pandit, who hails from Nagpur in India, was most recently Chief Executive Officer of Citigroup’s Institutional Clients Group, which comprises Citi Markets & Banking and Citi Alternative Investments. For his new job as Citi CEO, Vikram […]

Who is Vikram Pandit?

 Disgusting; U.S. Pisses Away $306b on Citigroup Update: Vikram Pandit named CEO of Citigroup on December 11. Click here for details.  Vikram Pandit is that rare Indian who has made it big within the stratospheric heights of the financial sector in New York. A Mumbai native, Vikram Pandit is CEO of Citigroup’s Institutional Clients Group comprising of Citi […]