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We Ain’t No Thieves, Claims TCS

We Ain’t No Thieves, Claims TCS

Indian software giant Tata Consultancy Services strongly denied infringing on the intellectual property of American healthcare management software provider Epic Systems. TCS and its U.S. affiliate Tata America…

TCS Beats Bollywood in Theft

TCS Beats Bollywood in Theft

TCS North America Office When we think of big thieves, Indians invariably think of Bollywood and its smaller siblings Kollywood, Tollywood etc or our cricket players stealing the…

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Eye in the Sky – Hopelessly Silly

Eye in the Sky – Hopelessly Silly

Anyone the least bit familiar with Western/White culture is bound to laugh himself silly at the fundamental premise of Eye in the Sky. For…


Mattar Paneer is Now an Official English Word

Finding myself at a loose end the other day, I started perusing the Oxford English Dictionary. Since the OED fancies itself as the “Definitive Record of the English…

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