Tehelka Rips Apart Karunanidhi & Sons

We love it. Just love it. One of our favorite Indian e-zines Tehelka has torn into Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK leader M.Karunanidhi and his family. That Tamil Nadu has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the extended Karunanidhi clan with its grasping finger thrusting into every pie – politics, business, newspapers, cable TV, newspapers, […]

Finally, a Decent Android Bazaar; Amazon Debuts Android Appstore

Internet retailer Amazon.com launched its Appstore for Android devices today in a move that could whittle away some of the advantages Apple has enjoyed with its hugely successful AppStore and overcome the disadvantages of Google’s Android Marketplace. Amazon’s new store can be accessed at www.amazon.com/appstore and comes with a novel feature called “Test Drive” that […]

Blue Moon Beers Review – Nothing Remarkable

Since some folks on this fine blog have been dropping the Blue Moon name, our curiosity was piqued enough to take a dekko at the beer and check out what the fuss was all about. To our surprise, we found more than one variety of Blue Moon in the cooler of our local liquor store. […]